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The MEP combines a high level master of economics program with constitutional political economy and public choice theory. Prof. Dr. Oliver Landmann. EU citizens and citizens from some other countries as e.g. Hence, this program confers in-depth knowledge about ongoing political debates concerning financial markets, about the functioning and regulation of global capital markets as well as about the optimal design of pension systems. Each fall we enroll individuals distinguished by academic excellence, high potential, and a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. Check course duration, tuition fees per year, and admission requirements & Procedure. EUR 160 per semester, Student housing: EUR 280-450 (monthly), or off campus (private) - from 300EUR (monthly), Medical insurance : approx. The link for the online application will be provided on the day the application period starts, March 18, 2020. Having studied during my Bachelor in a multi-national program, I was impressed from the very first day that the Integrated Master Program, with its internationality and cultural diversity even exceeded my prior experience. EUR 105 (monthly), Transport: Regional transportation at special student fare: approx. This was really a crucial change, which has opened many doors for me in several aspects of life. In particular, targeted jobs include leading positions in: For the Profile Information Systems & Network Economics: The program imparts or enhances a broad range of qualities that will be demanded from tomorrow's decision-makers. A Firm Foundation A degree in economics prepares you for a wide range of graduate studies or jobs in both the public and private sectors. Economics ( Dec … Official Facebook page of the Master of Economics Program at the University of Freiburg. He has extensively published in international scholarly journals such as Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Regional Science and Urban Economics and Public Choice. Candidates with previous studies in English must still provide evidence of sound knowledge of English. Contact Student Service Center Tel. Students of other nationalities must apply for a visa for study purposes via the German diplomatic representation in their home country. This package deal includes health insurance, personal liability insurance and accident insurance. Each program teaches up-to-date theoretical economic concepts as well as modern quantitative and management tools necessary to solve concrete as well as abstract problems in the field of study. Since most problems analyzed are interdisciplinary by their very nature, economics and business administration courses are complemented by political science courses (EP), courses offered by the department of mathematics (F, EP) and by computer science and telematics courses (ISNE). However, we do not evaluate applications solely on 'the numbers' or on the degrees. Some statements by our current and former students: My time spent in Freiburg was by far the most intense time of my student life. Have fun! ", "The past two years as an MEP student in Freiburg have been of critical importance for me. Final application deadline: May 15, 2020Early applications are strongly encouraged! - Only complete applications will be forwarded to the admission board! He was associate visiting professor for resource economics at the Technical University Freiberg 2000/2001. However, you must still apply online during the application period. In order to create a dynamic community of able and successful students we require students to document the following abilities and to submit the respective documents during the online application: Recommended additional documents in case your background in Economics is not very strong:  You can find more detailed information here:   * In order to know how to convert your GPA to the German grading System, you can apply as an orientation the modified Bavarian formula: You can also access this pdf file provided by Geschäftsstelle der Wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Prüfungsausschüsse. DeterminationIn addition to proven academic achievement, we are looking for candidates with a sincere desire to become intellectually engaged both in the formal classroom setting and through various projects, both individually and with their fellow students. A: All documents, including your undergraduate degree and transcript must be certified by an official third-party. This service is usually performed by a notary public, but in the case of official school documents, can be completed by an employee of your school's registrar. The first year was quite challenging whereas the second year gives you more time to involve into your field of interest and prepare for your final thesis. Economics also deals with the question of whether and how the state should intervene in economic and social processes at the national and international level. FindAMasters. People are nice and fellow students help me to overcome the difficulties in the studies. It's a great adventure for me to study here.”, Mine Devran Aras, Turkey (MIE, Intake 2006), Antonio Farfán Vallespín, Spain (MEP, Intake 2005), Intake 2018 Information Systems and Network Economics, Information Systems and Network Economics, Information Systems and Network Economics (ISNE), Sub-national governments and administrations, Academia and relevant research institutes, United Nations and sub-organizations such as United Nations Development Program (UNDP), The relevant line ministries such as ministry of economics and finance, National central banks and the European Central Bank, International organizations such as the World Bank, re-gional development banks, the Bank for International Set-tlements, and the IMF, Relevant research institutes and in academia, E-commerce and IT management in large enterprises and public administrations, Management of trust centers and electronic payment, Research (economic research institutes and academia), Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration, Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD), Max Planck Institute for Economic Research into Economic Systems, Declaration of possession of the right to examination,, "When I first came to Freiburg, I was immediately surprised about the beauty of the city. FindAMasters. They have become part of a highly motivated international academic community and enjoy their student life in Freiburg. Our two years' master of science program in economics (M.Sc.) Before joining the Freiburg faculty, he worked as an assistant professor at the University of Paderborn and as a visiting professor at the Universities of Mainz and Marburg. The department offers six majors: Economics Applied Economics Economics and Business Administration Mathematical Economics Political Science and Economics (education degree) Study M.Sc in Economics in University of Freiburg,Germany. I believe that, for those of you who are really interested in economic science, this program is definitely the right one. The beautiful city of Freiburg has a charming and student-friendly atmosphere which also contributes to making the experience of living and studying in Germany unforgettable. Scanned copy of the APS Certificate for applicants with Bachelor degree from China, Mongolia, Vietnam. University College Freiburg (UCF) serves as a central and interfaculty platform at the University of Freiburg for international, interdisciplinary teaching activities. I'm an MIE student. I’m pretty sure you’ll be proud of yourself after finishing your Master’s here!”, “The experiences I have made so far during my studies in Freiburg differ crucially from my former studies in Switzerland. Also the work of the late Nobel laureate Friedrich A. von Hayek (1899-1992) on spontaneous economic orders is widely recognized as a contribution to the Freiburg tradition. He is one of the two first Nobel laureates in economics, and a founding father of econometrics and, thus, modern quantitative economic analysis. By time, I met many people from all over the world and I got the academic knowledge and notion I aimed to get before coming there. He received an MA in Economics (Dipl.-Volkswirt) 1988 from the University of Hamburg, and an MA in International Economics ( Personally, I especially loved that the program is so international, which made it even more enriching. ... (Visa issues, scholarships, etc), send your application to this email: . Here you find an overview (version 05.11.2020) link Courses SS2020 Following the application deadline, the admission board will evaluate all complete applications. Prior to that he held a position as professor of microeconomics at Groningen (Netherlands). Chair of Economic Theory. You may share with people from all over the world the academic life and thus the difficulties involved when it comes to advanced economic theory. M.Sc. With Jan Tinbergen another Nobel laureate is closely affiliated with the faculty. This is definitely a life-changing experience! We also request a statement of intent. Key competences include: Prof. Dr. Günter Knieps is professor of economics at the University of Freiburg and director of the Institute of Transport Economics and Regional Policy. Economics program and download course brochure. M.Sc. Founded in 1457, Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg was first set up in Freiburg Cathedral as the 'Albertina'.Initially, the university was established as a comprehensive university with four faculties, including law, theology, medicine, and philosophy. ... Master of Arts (M.A.) In 2004 he received his Ph.D. from the University of Karlsruhe. To be able to enroll, you must take out a health insurance policy. Prof. Dr. Dirk Neumann is a professor at University of Freiburg, where he holds the chair of Information Systems as deputy. The statistical tools of modern econometrics are indispensable for comparative empirical institutional research. 60 students from all corners of the globe get enrolled and enjoy the high-level, interdisciplinary teaching in their respective field of study. Get FREE counselling. Please adjust your application accordingly. If you like hiking or biking, you´ll have a great time in the Black Forest! His main research areas include international economics, international political economy, development economics, decentralization in developing countries, and the economics of terrorism. telecommunications, internet, transport, and energy). But, I think it's the best decision I've made in my life, choosing the Integrated Master Program at the University of Freiburg. The new application phase is expected to open on March 18, 2020. We appreciate broad intellectual curiosity, team spirit, and leadership qualities. ... Sedanstraße 6 79098 Freiburg Map Accessibility Stairlift up to 225 kg. Along with pretty solid academic knowledge you’ll get invaluable experience of being not only part of German but very international student community. He held post-doc positions at Princeton and the University of Pennsylvania and obtained his Habilitation in Bern (Switzerland). Each year ca. Because the Master program at the Economics Department is rigorous and challenging, prospective students must possess a solid academic foundation. However in case of admission you need to be able to submit your final Bachelor degree upon enrollment in October. English Literatures and Literary Theory Master of Arts (M.A.) International students from countries with which Germany has a Social Security Agreement including an insurance clause (e.g. In order to know how to convert your GPA to the German grading System, you can apply as an orientation the modified Bavarian formula: A: No, work experience is not a requirement for admission to the program. While most of our students make the transition from their undergraduate programs directly to Master Program, we have had many successful applicants with years of professional experience in between. Your employment history is of interest to us, so be sure to document it in your application. Â, Economics and Politics: political science, public administration, Finance: financial mathematics, mathematics, statistics. The IMP offers me not only an atmosphere that is good for learning, but also the opportunity to know Germany well and make friends with people from other countries. For detailed information, please refer to the German embassy in your country of residence. “Hey! There are several research topics related to the specialization of the different chairs. imparts broad analytical competence as well as specific techniques necessary to solve problems specific to the area of the chosen profile: Economics and Politics, Finance, Information Systems and Network Economics.The master of science program focuses on building up analytical capacities rather than trying to cover all aspects of the field, because we believe that in a rapidly changing economic and business environment it is the ability to identify, structure, analyze, and solve changing problems that matters. The program is targeted at post graduates of high potential to be recruited for high and top positions in industry, national administrations, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and academia. The Faculty of Economics stands out: from the ‘Freiburg School’ to Nobel Prize winner von Hayek Choose your specialization in Economics and Politics or in Finance Learn analytical skills and be prepared for a broad array of career options DiversityWe aim at creating a community of diverse backgrounds and interests because we believe that diversity will make learning experiences richer and help us to put learned views into perspective. A small tip: to find a room through Studentenwerk you increase your chances if you register online on the first possible chance + call them within some weeks – online registration alone doesn't get you far.”, “From my first week in Freiburg I was impressed by the amazing diversity and internationality of the Master Program. Note: For urgent situations (Visa issues, scholarships, etc), send your application to this email: . Founded in 1457 the Albert-Ludwigs-University in Freiburg is one of the oldest German universities.

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