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Not only has it obtained the best result for a master’s degree program in mechanical engineering at a university of applied sciences within the German-speaking countries, but it also scored highest among all types of higher education institution. With these top placements, Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences can tie into the outstanding results from previous years and is ranked the second-best university of applied sciences overall in all of Germany. The result is a university ingrained with an international campus culture and a vibrant, intercultural exchange of ideas, experience and knowledge. With over 300 surveyed universities, 2,700 areas of study and 10,000 degree programs, the CHE university ranking is the most extensive and detailed ranking within the German speaking countries. Studying at UAS Leiden University of Applied Sciences Leiden offers more than twenty Bachelor's programmes and several Master's programmes in the areas of Health, Social Work and Applied Psychology, Management and Business, Education, and Technology. © QS Quacquarelli Symonds Limited 1994 - 2020. Universum modified the survey methods in comparison to previous years. /sites/all/themes/topuni/assets/images/profile/uni-cover-default.jpg, /sites/all/themes/topuni/assets/images/profile/uni-cover-default-mobile.jpg. The ranking deliberately concentrates on the practical relevance of degree programs. IUBH University of Applied Sciences is one of Germany's leading private universities of Applied Sciences. With the ranking of the master’s degree programs, applicants are supported in making the right choice for themselves. "The results of renowned university rankings", emphasizes Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Meisel, President of Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, "have confirmed the high quality of our programs for years now. Beginning life in 1995 after the merger of several smaller colleges, the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht offers vocational training to its student population of 38,000. Berlin International - University of Applied Sciences: international study experience and ideal preparation for careers in the global work environment. Our university is state recognized, NC-free accessible and is characterized by: Hochschule Karlsruhe – Technik und WirtschaftKarlsruhe University of Applied SciencesPostfach 244076012 KarlsruheTel. +49(0)721 925-0Fax +49(0)721 925-2000mailboxspam, Digital courses in winter semester 2020/21, Computer Science & Business Information Systems, Electrical Engineering & Information Technology, Universities of Applied Sciences in Germany, Commission for the Enhancement of University Teaching, Center for the Enhancement of Ethics in Science and Engineering, Liaison Office for Integrated Traineeships (KOOR/BEST), Academic Calendar Winter Semester 2020/21, Academic Calendar Summer Semester 2020 (Kopie 1), Institute for Digital Materials Science IDM, Institute of Energy Efficient Mobility IEEM, Institute of Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning, and Environmental Engineering, Institute for Learning and Innovation in Networks ILIN, Institute for Sensor and Information Systems ISIS, Institute of Ubiquitous Mobility Systems IUMS, Institute for Transport Systems and Infrastructure IVI, Intelligent Systems Research Group Institute ISRG, Institute for Continuing Education in the Sciences, English, International Business & Project Management, Computer Science and Business Information Systems. 12 English Study Program s at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences All important info for international students in Germany (2020/2021) Anhalt University of Applied Sciences 28% International students 12 No. This is a list of the universities in Germany, of which there are about seventy.The list also includes German Technische Universitäten (universities of technology), which have official and full university status, but usually focus on engineering and the natural sciences rather than covering the whole spectrum of academic disciplines. All rights reserved. The Civil Engineering degree programs of the university were rated top flight in three categories: degree completion within a reasonable time frame, industry contacts and overall study situation. In Mechanical Engineering it achieved a still-impressive fifth place, and in business, ranked with the International Management degree program, it still counts among the top ten. There are certain fields in which we pursue applied research in a particularly intensive manner. Particularly positive ratings were given for the equipment of the premises and the distinct professional relevance of the programs. University rankings help students to decide which university or which degree programme is right for them. The University of Applied Sciences Europe trains tomorrow's designers and decision-makers in Berlin, Hamburg and Iserlohn (North Rhine-Westphalia). It stands for future-oriented skills development and practice-based, interdisciplinary teaching methods at the highest international standards at its locations in Iserlohn (North Rhine-Westphalia), Berlin and Hamburg. Other results listed here are taken from CHE rankings of previous years. All rights reserved. So it comes as no surprise that the students of Computer Science and Business Information Systems programs at HsKA are more satisfied with their education as compared to the average determined amongst German universities. PFH Private University of Applied Sciences: Study Programmes in the Areas of Business Administration, Engineering, Healthcare Technology and Psychology Current Information About The Coronavirus Here you will find information regarding the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). Students were particularly happy with the support provided by teaching staff, support offered throughout their studies, academic feasibility, practical relevance, equipment of the premises as well as with the library and IT facilities. It was founded in 1991. The IUBH University of Applied Sciences is a private, state-recognized university The university offers over 80 Bachelor’s, Master’s and MBA programmes within 5 different study models that range from on-campus to University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE) educates the designers and decision-makers of tomorrow in the fields of Business, Sports, Media & Event and Art & Design.Study in Berlin, Hamburg or Iserlohn. According to Professor Dr Karl-Heinz Meisel, President of HsKA, “This result in a renowned university ranking confirms the high quality of our degree programs which we mainly achieve thanks to the close connection of teaching and applied research. The share of Bachelor degree students who want to continue with a Master's degree program at HsKA is also significantly higher than the average amongst German universities. In 2015, the Computer Science degree programs of Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences were amongst the top-rated for practical relevance and study time (degree completion within reasonable time frame). German International University (GIU) is a research university that offers Bachelor's, Master's and PhD Degreesin the field of applied science covering different specializations and majors like Engineering, Informatics and Computer Science, Business Administration, Design, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Engineering and Technology This year 5,711 students from 69 universities participated in the study. Each year, one third of the subjects offered at universities in German-speaking countries are rerated. “It seems that the universities that best prepare their students for digitalization rank especially high,” says Stefan Lake, Germany's Head of Universum. The latest issue of “ZEIT CAMPUS” became available on 4th October 2016 with new rankings for master’s programs in engineering, surveyed by the Center for Higher Education (CHE). CHE Ranking of German universities This ranking by the Centre for Higher Education (CHE) allows you to find the right university for your subject of choice. Ranks 17th among universities in … University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) is member of Global University Systems. More than 96 % of the students interviewed recommend their institution. The HR managers’ answers were weighted, that is, their responses influenced the ranking more or less depending on whether their industry was over- or underrepresented in the survey with respect to the German industry environment. With a growing economy This list may not reflect recent changes ().B Beuth University of Applied Sciences … Sign up to our monthly newsletter to receive regular content highlights direct to your inbox. This opens up the best career prospects worldwide to our graduates”. As a young, dynamic institution of higher learning, Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences is driven by interdisciplinary applied research. It opens up the best career opportunities for our graduates worldwide.". They received top-level ratings in the four categories: degree completion within a reasonable time frame, support provided to students by the teaching staff, relevance for job market and employment, and the overall study situation. SRH University of Applied Sciences Berlin is in the top 33% of universities in the world, ranking 261st in the Germany and 5535th globally. ESB Business School, Reutlingen University, Macromedia University of Applied Sciences, Henley Business School, University of Reading, HSE University (National Research University Higher School of Economics), Find your perfect University program with our matching tool, Find your perfect School and Program with our matching tool, Connect with other students on our forums. Considering a master’s in Germany? Excellent teaching, combined with high practical relevance, has a high priority at Esslingen. Esslingen University of Applied Sciences provides academic training and education in the fields of technology, economics and the social sciences. 2020-2021 U-Multirank world university rankings presents data on 104 universities and colleges in Germany. Here Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences was able to score with its various options for studying abroad and the variety of language courses offered. Applicants with a German university degree: Currently, applicants with a German first degree cannot personally submit the original documents to our administration office. The library of the University of Applied Sciences Europe is a specialized scientific library. Aalen University of With hundreds of respected universities to choose from as well as its location in the heart of Europe, it’s no wonder that Germany consistently ranks as one of the most popular countries in the world in which to study. In Industrial Engineering , in the opinion of the HR managers, Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences was clearly the university that best prepared its graduates for the profession and thus for their careers – that is, it placed first in the current university ranking, since 14.1% of the HR managers especially prefer graduates of this discipline. At Esslingen University, around 6,100 students are enrolled on 25 Bachelor’s and 13 Master’s degree programmes. The certified copies can still be submitted to our postal Besides looking at the degree programs, teaching, equipment and research, the ranking also accounts for students' ratings given on the study conditions at their university. career services) as well as the quality of service and consulting and student activities. The university’s campus is notable for its modern architecture and colourful design. As a state-accredited university in Germany we promote especially independent entrepreneurial-creative thinking and acting. The university also scored particularly high satisfaction ratings for its overall study situation. Berlin International - University of Applied Sciences is a state-recognized and non-profit German university of applied sciences located in the center of Berlin. Germany > SRH University of Applied Sciences Gera web ranking & review including accreditation, study areas, degree levels, tuition range, admission policy, facilities, services and official social media. In Business Information Systems, Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences has been rated among the top 2 universities of applied sciences in the German-speaking countries, and in Media and Communication Sciences among the top 3! From a list of all universities, HR managers could choose the ones whose graduates best fulfilled their expectations. The Bachelor degree programs Computer Science, and Communication and Media Management received particularly high ratings for their practical elements, experiences imparted outside the university, and practical relevance of the final theses. The new 2016/17 ZEIT Study Guide, including the ranking results, is available on newsstands from May 3rd, 2016. For the full list of all universities and colleges from Germany included in U-Multirank, please see below. This is the eighteenth time the Berlin trendence Institute has interviewed senior IT students about their career ambitions, employers of their choice, and their university for the Germany-wide comparison study "trendence Graduate Barometer – German IT Edition“. IUBH University of Applied Sciences is in the top 28% of universities in the world, ranking 238th in Germany and 4672nd globally. HAMK University of Applied Sciences is a small public university located in Hämeenlinna with 7542 students enrolled (2017 data or latest available). Hochschule Rhein-Waal | Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences Dr Oliver Locker-Grütjen, President Marie-Curie-Straße 1 | 47533 Kleve, Germany | Tel. In addition, its Master degree program Computer Science was rated among the best for its international approach. A stellar performance: IUBH University of Applied Sciences has achieved top results in the latest evaluation from CHE, Germany's largest university ranking body. Recent national rankings have confirmed that Hochschule Karlsruhe – Technik und Wirtschaft (HsKA) is one of Germany’s top universities of applied sciences for several years running now. Located at the heart of a European high-tech and economic metropolis, our mission is to remain firmly focussed on practical application – both in teaching and in research. It opens up the best career opportunities for our graduates worldwide.”. In the Business Administration/Management field, IUBH placed No. Join QS Leap, the most advanced free test-prep platform in the world. The Architecture degree programs of HsKA were also rated among the front runners in the categories degree completion within reasonable time frame and overall study situation. This is largely due to the close dovetailing of our teaching and applied research.

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