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That case has haunted Lewis and, during the investigation, he reaches out to his former DS, Ali McLennan for assistance. Three and the pilot episode, included on the series one DVD. Cette version comprend des sous-titres en anglais. Inspector Lewis. Rebecca Front . Lewis, Hathaway and Maddox must delve into the worlds of social media, drugs, taxidermy, alternative art and the homeless East European community. [25] In Australia, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and the United States, the stories were not divided, rather each shown as an entire piece. 8.1 (441) 0. The memoirs of a former head of MI5 provide Lewis with a vital clue, one which furthers the investigation that has ties with old romantic passions and the, A botanist accidentally unearths the corpse of a recently buried professor who was fixated upon solving a seemingly impossible riddle by. Was the crime calculated or opportunistic?, " Masterpiece Mystery: Inspector Lewis 4 - Original UK Edition: Kevin Whately, Laurence Fox, Bill Anderson: Movies & TV",, " Masterpiece Mystery: Inspector Lewis Series 5: Kevin Whately, Laurence Fox, Clare Holman, Rebecca Front, Alton Letto, Dan Reed, Nicholas Renton: Movies & TV", " Masterpiece Mystery: Inspector Lewis Season Six: Inspector Lewis: Movies & TV", " Masterpiece Mystery: Inspector Lewis 7: Kevin Whatley, Laurence Fox, Bill Anderson: Movies & TV",,, "Weekly Top 30 Programmes: ITV1 w/e 18 Feb 2007–4 Mar 2007", "Weekly Top 30 Programmes: ITV1 w/e 24 Feb 2008–16 Mar 2008", "Weekly Top 30 Programmes: ITV1 w/e 22 Mar 2009–12 Apr 2009", "Weekly Top 30 Programmes: ITV1 w/e 2 May 2010–30 May 2010",,, Lists of British drama television series episodes, Lists of British crime television series episodes, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Added to Watchlist. Lewis and Hathaway's investigation leads them to a connected 10-year-old attack on the sister of one of the other old students in which she was attacked during a party at the college and is in a coma. 1:01 (8 views) now playing play now. Thirteen years ago, Lewis successfully apprehended hammer killer Graham Lawrie. The future of the company rests however on an impending deal with Japanese investors who insist that family unity is all important at this time. Les premières éditions par PBS en DVD reproduisaient la coupure de la version télévisée, mais il semble que la réédition actuelle conserve le format original. Lewis and Hathaway are called in to investigate the apparent death by drug overdose of over achieving student and amateur taxidermist Talika Desai. Episodes; Video . 2. An investigation by Lewis and Hathaway is hampered by the college's professor of psychiatry, but the pair eventually establish that the trialists are acting under the malign influence of the drug. The deceased is identified as a religious fanatic who once attempted to murder a celebrated atheist, Tom Rattenbury, instead crippling Rattenbury's daughter. Rate. saison 7 épisode 1 (noté 1 & 2 - voir commentaire ci-dessus) sur Allociné, saison 7 épisode 1 (noté 1 & 2 - voir commentaire ci-dessus) sur TVmag.LeFigaro, saison 7 épisode 2 (noté 3 & 4 - voir commentaire ci-dessus) sur Allociné, saison 7 épisode 2 (noté 3 & 4 - voir commentaire ci-dessus) sur TVmag.LeFigaro, saison 7 épisode 3 (noté 5 & 6 - voir commentaire ci-dessus) sur Allociné,, Série télévisée britannique des années 2000, Série télévisée britannique des années 2010, Page utilisant le modèle Autorité inactif, Page pointant vers des dictionnaires ou encyclopédies généralistes, Article utilisant le modèle Dictionnaires inactif, Page pointant vers des bases relatives à l'audiovisuel, Portail:Télévision britannique/Articles liés, licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions, comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence. Lewis is a British television detective drama produced for ITV, first airing in 2006 then 2007 (series 1).It is a spin-off from Inspector Morse and, like that series, it is set in Oxford. Au moins pour la saison 7, les épisodes de la version anglaise[6] sont diffusés chacun en deux parties d'une heure, alors que dans la version française ils sont diffusés en une seule partie d'environ 1 h 30. For Endeavour Episodes, see List of Endeavour Episodes. Inspector Lewis star Kevin Whately on portraying his character on-and-off for 27 years. Error: please try again. 0. Together with his partner, Detective Sergeant James Hathaway, they take on the elite criminal underworld of Oxford, England, relying on Lewis' instinct and Hathaway's intellect. In Belgium and the United States, the stories were not divided, rather each is shown as an entire piece. Part of Series 6 in the U.S. Now Lawrie is on the verge of freedom thanks to new evidence. les dernières vidéos passer cette liste. Lewis must contend with Seager's wife, convinced that the sister of her husband's victim is the guilty party. They also tend to be too localized in time - a hot button today is not a hot button in 10 years, or even 5. 8/10 10,765. Noté /5 : Achetez Inspector Lewis Season 3 au meilleur prix : DVD et Blu-ray Livraison gratuite dès 25€ Noté /5 : Achetez Inspector Lewis Series 2 au meilleur prix : Séries TV Livraison gratuite dès 25€ Kevin Whately stars as Oxford police's Inspector Lewis in this spin off of the hugely popular series Inspector Morse. 7.9 (572) 0. Rate. Soon after the first death, a friend of the dead woman is brutally killed, which brings up a slough of new questions. 5. This episode features. Le 10 février 2014, la chaîne ITV a annoncé le tournage d'une huitième saison. 9. Shown in one piece on 7 August 2016. Will's father Henry McEwan apparently repudiates Will upon discovering of his son's homosexuality after his death. Highly recommended. 10. Rate. Inspecteur Lewis - Saison 1 . 1. 5. Le 21 novembre 2014, la chaîne a commandé une neuvième saison, début de tournage en mai 2015. Rate. Rate. Rate. 3 … Inspector Robert Lewis steps out of the shadow of his mentor, the inimitable Inspector Morse in this highly acclaimed series. But then another body turns up and the detectives find themselves pursuing even more leads. The Complete Inspector … Rate. Part of Series 7 in the U.S. Part of Series 5 in the U.S. Lewis investigates the garroting of an aging Oxford don planning an Wagnerian festival and discovers a tenuous connection to his former boss, Inspector Morse. Part of Series 8 in the U.S. (Repeat showings in the UK, on ITV3, were similarly complete. With his mentor's reputation in jeopardy, Hathaway races to catch the killer. Il est … Clare Holman . Episodes 3 and 5 are based on 28 day data from BARB for ITV and ITV+1. Dans chaque épisode, il est fait référence à un auteur de la littérature classique anglaise. 15 Jul. En lire plus. As the detectives dig for clues, they are led into a world of suburban swinging and fetish photography, far removed from the Oxford they know. Inspecteur Lewis : Toutes les informations de diffusion, les bandes-annonces, les photos et rediffusions de Inspecteur Lewis avec Télé 7 Jours 8. (Repeat showings in the UK, on ITV3, were similarly complete.). 7. ajouter aux favoris retirer des favoris . The suicide of Hathaway's old friend tests his … Episodes; Video Back to Episodes . Hathaway starts work on his first murder case as an inspector with the help of a new partner, DS Lizzie Maddox. As of 10 November 2015, 33 episodes have aired. But as the pair delve into the worlds of neurosurgery, blood sports and animal rights, Hathaway's theories are challenged by alarming new developments. Lewis and Hathaway investigate the murder of a man found beaten and drowned in his bath. An elderly don, Richard Seager, is struck by a car on the night of his release from prison; before dying, however, he mysteriously scratches the number '500' into the paintwork. Part of Series 8 in the U.S. Lewis and Hathaway are called to investigate a body in some woodland. More blood is to be spilled, and the meaning of names proves crucial. The complete guide by MSN. Part of Series 5 in the U.S. As Hathaway goes on sabbatical in Kosovo, Lewis takes the awkward, young but bright DC Gray under his wing to investigate the case. 10. Description: A spin-off of Inspector Morse, Detective Inspector Robbie Lewis (Kevin Whately), returns to Oxford with a new partner in Detective Sergeant James Hathaway (Laurence Fox) after his wife's death and working in the Virgin Islands for five years. The investigation leads Lewis and Hathaway to an estate, Crevecoeur Hall, the ancestral home of the wealthy Mortmaignes where Hathaway grew up, and the detectives are soon investigating a second murder. A new boss arrives at Oxfordshire Police, and he begins to question Lewis’ role as a consultant. 2012 Generation of Vipers. Season 8 starts with Inspector Lewis being asked to come out of retirement to help Detective Inspector Hathaway with a murder investigation. The death of psychologist Reuben Beatty throws up a number of questions when he is found murdered in the offices of psychic Randolph James. That case has haunted Lewis and, during the investigation, he reaches out to his former DS, Ali McLennan for assistance. With Hathaway still reeling from a particularly horrific investigation, the team investigates a murder discovered on a tour bus where none of the passengers can remember the victim. Rate. Part of Series 6 in the U.S. A summer’s day in Oxford is torn apart, when a parcel bomb explodes. Part of Series 4 in the U.S. A student dies during a residential clinical trial for a new anti-depressant. Rate. Rate. Cette série est dérivée de la série Inspecteur Morse dans laquelle Lewis, alors au grade de sergent, était l'adjoint de Morse. Rate. While Benison College is being renovated, the desiccated body of a student who disappeared 15 years earlier is found in an attic and linked to Seager's murder. The following is a list of episodes for the British drama Lewis that first aired in 2006. As the investigation continues, they discover that Greely and three other men had formed a club during their Oxford student days, the Sons of the Twice Born. Photos . Dr. Julius Fisher. En France, la série est diffusée depuis le 22 mars 2009 sur France 3. 1. The bizarre case that follows takes in the cocaine trade, astrophysics and ancient drama, but the truth is hidden in plain sight: a heartbreaking tragedy made possible by the most ordinary of secrets. 9 Mar. Kevin Whately returns as Oxford police's Inspector Lewis in this spin off of the hugely popular British show Inspector Morse. PBS distribue la série aux États-Unis. S2, Ep3. DI Lewis and DS Hathaway investigate the murder of Dean Greely. With his six-month trip to New Zealand with Hobson on the horizon, Lewis is in a race against time to save his career and relationship. Revenu d'un exil professionnel aux Iles Vierges, l'ancien disciple de l'Inspecteur Morse, Robert Lewis, est désormais son propre chef. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Inspector Lewis. Rate. 3. 0. A student called Will McEwan shoots himself in the head in St. Mark's church, after pointing the pistol at Reverend Francis King, who is found tortuously murdered by a hot poker thrust into his head the next day. Part of Series 4 in the U.S. Lewis and Hathaway investigate the murder of a businesswoman who had apparently been blackmailing the father of her protégé. As the current murder investigation continues secrets, blackmail and more bodies are uncovered. Résumé. 9. When a visiting American academic delivers a controversial speech, many audience members are worried that his ideas could be used to target ethnic minorities. Season 1 | Episode 1: Whom the Gods Would Destroy Aired 8/9/2009; A middle … DI Lewis returns to Oxford after two years' absence and is reluctantly assigned by his new boss, DCS Innocent, to the murder of an Oxford mathematics student who is shot while participating in a sleep study. 6. Rate. Inspecteur Lewis (Lewis) est une série britannique créée par Chris Burt et Kate McKerrell et diffusée du 29 janvier 2006 au 10 novembre 2015 sur ITV. Aux États-Unis, la série est diffusée dans le cadre de l'émission Masterpiece Mystery, ce qui occasionne une coupure de quelques minutes pour rentrer dans le format. Detective Inspector Robert 'Robbie' Lewis. Lewis and Hathaway discover that the bizarre murder of a, A preview performance of a student production of. After seven years of ducking the question, Lewis and Hobson are embarking on a relationship, though the detective has a new puzzle to solve. Forensic evidence backs the view that Cooper raped Beatrice and the alibi is proved to be false. He realises he needs the insight of the retired Lewis to close the case. In the United States, the stories were not divided; rather, each was shown as an entire piece. The next morning she is found dead, the victim of what appears to be a straightforward suicide. Part of Series 5 in the U.S. Detective Sergeant James Hathaway. Rate. The link between both is The Garden, a pious society offering 'Christian answers to youngsters' contemporary questions'; its emblem a Phoenix, to which both Will's suicide note 'On the road from Gethsemane to Calvary, I lost my way.' The house and gardens of historic, Lewis and Hathaway investigate the killing in suspicious circumstances of Professor Andrew Crompton, amateur, The body of a philandering primary school teacher is found floating in a fountain during a quiz weekend, an event which is hosted at Chaucer College over the. Part of Series 4 in the U.S. A bishop visiting St Gerard's College is found dead after drinking poisoned wine; Lewis and Hathaway suspect that she has been killed because of her progressive views. Pour cette série, on apprend dans l'épisode pilote que Lewis revient à Oxford après un exil de deux ans dans les Îles Vierges, consécutif à la mort accidentelle de son épouse, renversée par un chauffard qui a pris la fuite. La série Inspecteur Lewis aura donc connu 33 épisodes, tout comme sa devancière Inspecteur Morse. The team are called in to investigate, the victim is a womanizer, having been known to have had numerous affairs with younger women. Rate. Aucun mystère ne résiste au des deux policiers. Dr. Laura Hobson. Les 8 premières saisons de la série ont été éditées en France sur un support DVD par la société Elephant Films. Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent. Series three finds Lewis and his trusty sidekick D.S. He is disruptive and has no respect for his uncle who now heads the company. Turnbull is in Oxford to make a speech at the request of the, Lewis and Hathaway investigate a murder in, The murders of Reg Chapman, a maintenance worker at the, Whilst investigating the murder of R.G. See all photos. L'inspecteur Lewis forme un tandem complice et complémentaire avec James Hathaway, son jeune adjoint. Additional Trailers and Clips (7) The Complete Inspector Lewis. Get More From IMDb. It is clear that Cooper serviced his former friends by organizing scams and deceptions for them however the solution reveals that Cooper's murderer is protecting and preserving a far more personal secret. 4. Dans la version française, Kevin Whately est doublé par le comédien Bernard Alane. But as he and Hathaway get closer to the truth amid a rising death toll, they find their personal and professional lives dredged up online for all to see. Kevin Whately reprises his character Robert "Robbie" Lewis, who was Morse's sergeant in the original series.Lewis has now been promoted to detective inspector and is assisted by DS James … Les autres saisons : Saison 1 , Saison 2 , Saison 3 , Saison 4 , Saison 5 , Saison 7 , Saison 8 , … Lewis struggles to unravel his baffling double life whilst contending with Oxford's sinister psychic community. Robert Lewis et son acolyte James Hathaway se chargent de résoudre les derniers mystères qui se trament à Oxford. This series consists of three stories, each divided into two parts in the UK. 0. And why is she elaborately tied up after being murdered? ^ Episodes 1, 2, 4 and 6 are based on 28 day data from BARB for ITV and ITV+1 and 7 day data for ITV HD. Part of Series 8 in the U.S. 0. Play Video . Hathaway is struggling to cope with his father’s illness, as he begins his search to find out his past before the dementia presented. Evidence points to Oswald Cooper, who worked at her school and whose prescription drug matches the doping agent. Rate. (3.04) Un rock immortel (Counter Culture Blues) Synopsis. For Inspector Morse Episodes, see List of Inspector Morse Episodes. Season7 Episode 2 1:22:10 . View production, box office, & company info Videos. 2. Résumé: De retour à Oxford après deux années d'absence, Lewis se voit confier l'enquête sur l'assassinat d'une brillante étudiante en mathématiques, assassinée pendant qu'elle participait à une étude sur le sommeil. When two other murders occur, Lewis must decipher a cryptic clue left in an old case file by his former boss, Chief Inspector Morse. Critic Reviews. Turnbull is everything Lewis dislikes but he grits his teeth and does the job. Year: ... A scholar obsessed with Lewis Carroll's poem "The Hunting of the Snark" is found buried in the botanical gardens frequented by the author during his life. The key-code used to access the sleep lab is assigned to a fellow maths student, Daniel Griffon, but Daniel's maths tutor has provided him with an alibi. Lewis's partner, DS James Hathaway, was a friend and classmate of Will's at both school and Cambridge. Add to Watchlist. Part of Series 7 in the U.S. When a second member of the foursome is murdered, it becomes apparent that they have a secret, from 30 years ago, and that someone is out for revenge. 7. 1 Series Overview 2 Episode List 2.1 Pilot Episode 2.2 Season 1 2.3 Season 2 2.4 Season 3 2.5 Season 4 2.6 Season 5 2.7 Season 6 2.8 Season 7 2.9 Season 8 2.10 … Lewis, Hathaway and Maddox's abilities as a team are severely tested when they investigate the brutal stabbing of an American classics scholar. À partir de la saison 5 (numérotée 4 dans la diffusion américaine), PBS distribue également une version Blu-Ray, sans coupure. Shown in one piece on 21 August 2016. 10. After an exhibition of anthropomorphic taxidermy, the body of a young avant-garde artist is found. Following a squash injury, Robbie ends up in casualty where he meets the Donnelly family, whose school-girl daughter Beatrice had been drugged and then awakened in a field, discovering that she had been raped. Watch Inspector Lewis season 1 full episodes. Inspector Lewis (2006–2015) Episode List. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 23 février 2021 à 14:37. Inspector Robert Lewis and Sergeant James Hathaway solve the tough cases that the learned inhabitants of Oxford throw at them. Cole, an elder gay lecturer who is found strangled at a friend's house, Lewis finds indications of. Set five years after Morse's death, Lewis … Inspector Lewis (TV Series 2006–2015) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Thus when he is found hanged the next morning and Dr Hobson quickly discounts suicide, Lewis and Hathaway realise they have many suspects – from the local anti-racism activist who is first in voicing her disgust at the professor's beliefs to the women who had bombarded him with threatening e-mails. When another two killings occur, both mirroring macabre murders from a Jacobean revenge tragedy, it appears the murderer is targeting candidates for the post of vice-regent of the college. The body of a teenage boy, who has been repeatedly run over by a vehicle, points to a connection with members of the band. Watch on BritBox with Prime Video Channels. Lewis and Hathaway's investigation leads them to a connected 10-year-old attack on the sister of one of the other old students in which she was attacked during a party at the college and is in a coma. Season8 Episode 2 . ), This series again consists of three stories, each divided into two parts in the UK. 4. It soon becomes clear that the two were one and the same: Beatty is moonlighting as a clairvoyant. Chief Superintendent Jack Cornish – an old acquaintance of Robbie's – goes missing and a recently embalmed body is discovered near an isolated farm track: could there be a link? This page was last edited on 31 January 2021, at 03:23. Inspecteur Lewis Inspecteur Lewis 1 min extrait. Rate. Season1 Episode 2 . This series consists of three stories, each divided into two parts in the UK. Part of Series 7 in the U.S. S9, Ep2 13 Oct. 2015 Rate. However he has an alibi, a dinner party he hosted for three former student friends, now all eminent men. Click here and start watching the full season in seconds. 3. Stay with the deeper, more constant issues of human existence! 10. A friend of Cooper's who is blackmailing the three guests is also garroted. Les DVD contiennent la version originale sans coupure, des sous-titres en français, et la version française. 10. Kevin Whately stars as Oxford police's Inspector Lewis in this spin off of the hugely popular British show Inspector Morse. Shown in one piece on 12 October 2014. Rate. Turnbull had actually cheated two Oxford colleges in his computer scam and had received death threats. But realising three more murders are to follow, the team must hurry to catch the killer, before they happen. 20.04.2017 - Erkunde Jutta Merkles Pinnwand „Inspector Lewis“ auf Pinterest. However, Lewis is not convinced and digs deeper, identifying several suspects including the site's founder.

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